CCSPD Membership for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.


Alejandro Castro, Co-Chair
University Library

Federico R. Waitoller, Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Departments of Special Education


Gregory Ajayi, School of Public Health
Molly Driscoll, Office of Organizational Process Improvement
Jessica Eisenbeis, UIC Extended Campus
Cheryl R. Farney, College of Medicine
Leah Goodman, College of Applied Health Sciences
Anatha Harijith, College of Medicine
Charles Hounmenou, Jane Addams College of Social Work
Jennifer Jackson, Richard J. Daley Library
Amber N. Johnson, Office of Admissions
Zhanna Lipatova, College of Medicine
John Lynch, College of Business Administration
Marco Navarro, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
L.M. Njongmeta, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Lauren M. Rhodes, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Zoie Sheets, Honors College, GPPA Medicine

CCSPD 2016-17 Sub-Committees:

Committee membership will be determined at the start of the 2016-2017 year. Members of the committee will decide which committees they will participate in and the roster will be updated to reflect member interest.

Executive Committee

  • Alejandro Castro
  • Christos Takoudis
  • Hailee Gibbons
  • Federico Waitoller

Program Subcommittee

  • Gregory Ajayi
  • Cheryl R. Farney
  • Charles Houmenou
  • Rachel Najdzin
  • Patricia O’Brien

Advisory Committee on Disability Statement of Commitment/Access Subcommittee (ACDC)

  • Amber N. Johnson
  • Zhanna Lipatova
  • Lauren M. Rhodes
  • James Ronayne
  • Roxana Stupp
  • John Wagner
  • Pamela Hill

Survey Subcommittee

  • Hailee Gibbons
  • Federico Waitoller
  • Charles Houmenou
  • Carol Gill
  • Anatha Harijith

Student Advisory Board

  • Hailee Gibbons
  • Zoie Sheets
  • Gregory Ajayi